It Feels Like 100 DegreesĀ 

I’m actually in my room with two fans on and it feels like 100 degrees here. My room is so hot that the door knob is hot. I do have the room ventilated, windows open, door open but the heat is intense. My only option at this point is to drink lots of cold water, take a nice cold shower to bring down the body temperature. My apartment is ventilated. But the heat is definitely a battle that continues. I’m not able to sleep at all. You know the heat is intense, when door knobs, walls and furniture are hot when touched. It is 3am here, I’m going to be breaking night once again. Luckily it’s Saturday. I don’t have much to worry about this weekend. 


Zombies Are RealĀ 

Society has lost its capacity to think and make wise decisions. Everyone seems to be out of control. Decisions are made without actually thinking about the consequences. Where has society gone to? Everything around us is somehow different. People walk around like zombies. The mind is a terrible thing to waste. You may at times ask a person a simple question about any subject, they will stare at you like your dumb. When they finally realize the question, they will respond in a zombie like mode a total different answer that has nothing to do with the current question. Zombies are real! 

Errands Running Smoothly

Well, I’ve been busy since this morning. I left the house at 6:30am, waited for the public bus. I can say that today the public transportation has been on time. Giving me just a few hours to finish running errands. Today has been a productive day indeed. Now it is time to eat, I’m hungry.