Another Glitch By Facebook – A Bloggers Worst Nightmare

Facebook seems to be changing on a constant basis without notifying it’s users. Bloggers might be wondering why they post in their blog with photos and yet these photos do not appear with the blog post on the Facebook Fan Pages. If anyone has noticed in their Facebook page, what should appear should be your profile photo. That to has been somehow deleted. Why? Why so many issues with sharing from WordPress to Facebook? This needs to get fixed because we as bloggers would like to also share photos with our main post. It has come to a point where I have stopped all together adding photos to my main post because of all the sharing errors caused by Facebook.

Do not get this wrong. The social platform is growing at a huge rate. Which is awesome for bloggers and business. There are so many options to boost your venture forward. Technical issues are a major problem with these improvements of solicitation and programs which are constantly modified or added in order to make life simpler. These glitches must be fixed. Too many errors can and will cause a company to lose its power fast. People will get tired of the same issues without any attention to them.

Technology is growing faster than its human counter part. We are not ready for advancements if our current technology has been ignored to the point that errors are occurring on a constant basis. If businesses cannot fix the current technical issues, it is a wise move not to advance to the next super innovation. Technology is not the number one source in our daily lives. We must fix and control our current issues before it is too late to get back on track.


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