Puerto Rico On Code Blue

Triple S Mi Salud – No Medical Services

Puerto Rico is on code blue status. It has been very hard to find a specialist or primary doctor. Services are slow. It seems that everything has slowed down in our island due to the health care code blue. By the way, I call it code blue because this is the status that we are facing in Puerto Rico. Are we losing Federal Funding for Medicaid? We are not 100% sure because Washington has the last call. Will the Health Care bill in Washington affect us here in the island? Changing our daily routines, changing our eating habits is a must in order to prepare for a disaster in our Health Care System. Children, Senior citizens, Patients with long-term, short-term needs will be affected. It does seem that money is dedicated for Wars and not for our communities needs.

Will Puerto Rico overcome this issue? I think that we can because we are a strong breed of people. We live by the I’m going to party and enjoy life mode. We are Puerto Ricans! All we can do is enjoy life, keep on moving with a positive outlook into the future. Staying strong and healthy all the time.


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