When Will People Learn To Get Along?

The news, internet is filled daily with constant violence. Everyone is killing each other. This world needs more attention to Mentally Unstable people. We have become antisocial society because of the insecurity in our Communities. We cannot go out without wondering if we will actually come home alive or injured. This is causing fear among our communities. Why? Why are we bombarded with so much violence? 

Enough is Enough! 

We are driving our Communities into the dumpster with all the craziness surrounding us. We are also seeing the results of hatred around the world. 

Peace and​ Harmony is a long road ahead. 


2 thoughts on “When Will People Learn To Get Along?

  1. And the Lord said to Cain, “where is thy brother, Abel?” And he said, “I know not, am I my brother’s keeper?” Allegory or history, man’s inhumanity to man is traced all the way back to the bible’s first family.

    Hatred is easier than love because it doesn’t require introspection or empathy. You are stimulated, the knee jerks and you kick. Whether the target deserves to be kicked or not rarely enters into the equation.

    Take the present political climate in the USA, each half of the nation hating the other half and i have yet to see any glimpse of rational thought or reasoning coming from either side. Drink the appropriate flavor kool aid, surf the net for only those sites that validate a particular propaganda viewpoint and use that to vent all the woes and miseries of life.

    Hating is so much easier than trying to understand the opposing viewpoint, left or right, and seeking common ground.

    As I recently posted on a different blog site’s comments, you cannot hate your way to a loving place.

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