Climate Change Is Our Responsibility

Why does it take Politics to change our planet? This situation with our environment is the cause of bad business decisions. Our Governments have a responsibility to hold accountable all businesses that ruin our environment. We are all required to clean up after ourselves. People are actually destroying our communities, our beaches, our Oceans. Our air is polluted by companies who do not care about the air we breath. This is our planet. We must all take care of it. It does not matter what Country or what language you speak, climate change affects us all equally. Let us all take time to start cleaning up our communities and our planet. Let us start moving for a better and cleaner planet. It is only one planet (EARTH), it belongs to all of us equally.


14 thoughts on “Climate Change Is Our Responsibility

  1. If only our president agreed. I am so disappointed that he decided to take the road to riches rather than the road to wellbeing. We are killing ourselves as a species but he can’t see beyond his bank account.

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  2. It’s true, everyone lives downstream from someone. The planet’s biggest polluters, China and India, justify themselves by saying that they are playing catch up with the rest of the industrialized world and need another few decades before they can concentrate on clean energy. Any thoughts on how to solve that dilemma?

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      • At the risk of being argumentative I have to point out that the USA has been in the forefront of reducing air pollution for several decades now. According to the EPA, in the years from 1970 to 2006 lead emissions fell by more than 98%; sulfur dioxide from 31 million tons to 19 million tons; nitrogen oxide from 27 million tons to 19 million; carbon monoxide from 197 million tons to 89 million and particulate emissions fell by more than 80%.

        Los Angeles reports an average 120 days per year of unsafe air but they are in a unique situation. They occupy an enclosed space west of the mountains. The prevailing winds blow in from the west, push the air toward the mountains where it curls up and back over the city bringing the particulates with it. These particulates then precipitate back into the city in a concentrated form. At one time there was a proposal to dig giant tunnels in the mountains and blow the LA smog to the east of the mountains. This was never done but it was seriously considered.

        I remember when the Cuyahoga River, Cleveland Ohio, caught fire from all the industrial waste. That area formerly known as The Flats is now a major tourist draw with upscale entertainment venues and million dollar homes.

        I remember Pittsburgh when a mother would buy ice cream for her child from an outdoor vendor and say, “eat it quickly before it gets dirty.”

        An April 21, 2016 report from the US Senate Committee on Environmental and Public Works stated that The Paris Accords and The Kyoto Treaty would have no significant effects on emissions from China and India. Being that these are the leading polluters on the planet, any agreement that does cause not a direct reduction in air pollution in those two countries is meaningless.

        Of course we should attempt to make further progress in the USA but all the rhetoric about us leading other countries is mere political theater and a means to redistribute wealth.

        I invite you to re-read the Paris Accords with an eye to, not what it promises but to what it actually accomplishes. Then ask, “Cui Bono?” Who benefits?

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