It’s The Weekend

So far the day has gone by smoothly. No complaints at all. I am trying to gather some money to purchase the power supply to the computer. I have managed to find one that works but belongs to a printer that I might need in the near future.Ā  I searched through eBay and found a few that interest me to this point. I have to wait until the funds are acquired in order to purchase. The weather today has been very hot and humid. Very sticky, feels like the sun is at my door step. Been drinking lot’s of cold water to keep hydrated. Our health is a priority. Taking it easy this weekend because come Monday, it is another start of the process of achieving my goals. I’ve learned to be content with what is in my present, even though I need a better future. Living in Paradise does take a toll on your over health but I am a fighter. I keep going until the job gets done.

I am not involved in any negative circles. Leaving room for more positive vibes in my life. Of course it will take a lot of patience but I’m confident that I will succeed. This blog is my public diary in which I share my thoughts and views with everyone. Without this blog I would not be able to confront all of the thoughts and views that come my way in a very specific manner. Writing has become a therapy without a therapist. Letting all the bad and good to be released into cyberspace.


Climate Change Is Our Responsibility

Why does it take Politics to change our planet? This situation with our environment is the cause of bad business decisions. Our Governments have a responsibility to hold accountable all businesses that ruin our environment. We are all required to clean up after ourselves. People are actually destroying our communities, our beaches, our Oceans. Our air is polluted by companies who do not care about the air we breath. This is our planet. We must all take care of it. It does not matter what Country or what language you speak, climate change affects us all equally. Let us all take time to start cleaning up our communities and our planet. Let us start moving for a better and cleaner planet. It is only one planet (EARTH), it belongs to all of us equally.