The Circle Of Trust Has Been Broken

When a neighbor opens the doors with a smile but after it turns out to be a fake friendship. In Puerto Rico, people enjoy asking for favors. This means that they do not want to pay for services. These favors have turned to light because unknown slavery was occurring. Without my knowledge I was being used. 

One of my neighbors had the nerve to treat me like a low class citizen. Meaning I’m poor, my opinion on important Issues are not allowed. They actually shut me down. I’m not allowed to say anything to my neighbors because they have enough money to go yearly on cruises, they go weekly to the Casino. Basically I’m not on their level of income, im a poor person, a slave who must do as they say. I’m actually hurt right now. 

Where I live it has become very hard to succeed because I’ve been put down as someone that cannot be trusted because I’m poor. Of course I struggle here. It’s not easy. But the truth has come out from my neighbors. Now I know not to bother with them at all. They are also racist, which I do not like at all. 

It has come to the point where I’m inclined to move. Feeling unwanted in my own opinion. Right now I’m feeling uncomfortable with my surroundings. I lost all compassion for my neighbors. I’ve lost the circle of trust. This is unfair and yes it hurts​ my opportunity for success because everyone here has passed on how a low life that I am, without knowing who I actually am. 

I’m not sure how this affects me in the near future but I’m in the process of fixing this mess that someone here in my neighborhood has caused. 

At this time, I’m feeling sad, disappointed, very pissed off at the current situation. 


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