Hospitals Should Be A Safe Place For PatientsĀ 

We are not safe anymore. This world needs more time to work on the Mental Incapacity of so many people. Whats causing people to lose their minds and start killing Everyone? Our communities are facing a huge Security breach. We cannot trust anyone who is near us because we don’t have a clue when they will go blank and start shooting. I’m concerned that our communities are getting closer to a civil war. All because our Government is ignoring the real issues affecting our communities locally. 

Politicians are focused in other Countries issues and are not making any effort to fix this Issues within our communities. We are seeing a rise of suicidal acts. These people are in serious need of attention. 

When will all this craziness actually STOP? 

A hospital in the Bronx goes under the radar because a resident doctor decided to shoot People and commit suicide. We are no longer safe in a hospital as staff might lose their minds and start shooting.