Puerto Rico Needs To Wake Up

So now Oscar López has met with students of the Puerto Rico University. Protest are still occurring. We are seeing the last of our communities education. There is no doubt that the University needs new and improved policies in regards to financing. Students need to get back to class. Staff needs to get back to work. We cannot let radical movements get in the way of progress. Puerto Rico cannot turn into a third world Country. Violence will never solve anything. 

Puerto Rico needs to wake up. 

Can we find a solution for our Educational System? Of course we can. First of all we need to reopen the gates to the future. While these gates are closed, we lose on our future as each day goes by without the gates open. Getting back to class will bring peace among us all. 

Talking about turning into violence will cause more hatred among each other. Common sense is needed here. Our Communities need better solutions for our Educational System. Let’s work together in Peace and Harmony. 

Puerto Rico can change for a better future, wake up my fellow Puerto Ricans. 


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