A World Connected But Divided

Social Media is an awesome way to connect and share information. Technology has brought many advances that we can use to interconnect. But the disadvantage is simply the people who use it for the wrong reasons. Our world would be a better place if social media was used correctly. There is a mix of good, evil within this worldwide web of information. We are seeing the good as well as the bad side of social media. Our access to e-mails, web chat, messenger gives us the opportunity to connect. It feels like social media is filled with people who have no specific interest in really connecting.

We are facing these issues in our communities and yet, social media is not used to really solve the issues. Connecting and problem solving should be a priority. If we look at how our society interacts online, you will notice that 99.9% of the people are uploading or commenting without actually solving anything. The majority are videos with jokes, crime, negative news. I would like to see one group or page on Facebook work on solving issues directly. Communication should be open among the world via social media. Networking is what we do in order to build relationships.

The list of Facebook page widgets are placed on my sidebar. Anyone can click like. Notifications can be activated as well. It’s all a learning process. Take a look at all the comments people leave in Facebook, most are just pointing fingers. Not far from that, you have Instagram, Snap Chat, Twitter.

Twitter is just a list of followers that do not and will never do business with you. This area has no significance at all. We are also limited on following vs followers stats. I see a world with full access to each other but we are not taking advantage of this source.

A world Connected but divided!!


2 thoughts on “A World Connected But Divided

  1. Spontaneity is the enemy here. Social media lends itself more readily to knee jerk reactions and the ability to engage only in those areas where our minds are already made up. Back in much earlier times, when the quill, ink and paper were the “social media” we had time to reflect on our thoughts and responses for long periods of time before we were actually commented to them. Today it’s read, respond and move on with little or no thought given to the subject at hand. Communication for information sharing has morphed into communication for entertainment and/or validation. Videos of cats jumping on couches rule the day, messages about the need for societal cohesion and mutually addressing the real problems of the world, not so much. Still,we need these occasional beacons of light so keep on doing what you do.

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