Puerto Rico Is Not Ready For Statehood

While Puerto Rico is facing a deep financial crisis it is impossible for the island to convince Washington for Statehood. The bottom line here is that the people who reside here for over 40 years are not in accordance with this decision. 51st State will cause a bigger problem here. Many people are claiming that Property Taxes, Vehicle Insurance, Home Insurance will go up. Here in Puerto Rico there are no Emergency Services available due to lack of funding. In the States things are different because taxes are paid, we see public service at work. Vehicle insurance is paid monthly but coverage is awesome due to the fact that they cover medical and vehicle damage as well as passengers. There are good things that come with being 51st State and there are bad things as well. What is the exact reason our Governor Ricky Rosello wants Statehood?

Statehood is needed to open the doors to business relationships, opening the doors to better health coverage, better emergency services, Social Security Income can be established for the needy. Puerto Rico will have an open opportunity to vote for Federal and State officials, Voting for Senate, Congress and for the President of the United States. Puerto Ricans do not realize the advantage that comes with being 51st State.

Minimum wages will be leveled to Federal standards. New Laws will be established in order to bring Puerto Rico back into normality. Puerto Ricans do not own the island as we speak, this island is a territory of the United States. We have no more choices here. Education will be monitored by the Federal Government. In my opinion, Statehood will benefit many people here.

It does bother me to hear people comment bad things about the United States and yet they pack their bags and move to Florida. This has been a constant battle for decades with Puerto Rico.

Contradictions are at it’s finest in my island.