It’s My Birthday – Time To Redirect My Thoughts

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 20

Good morning everyone.

I am so excited and at the same time thoughtful. Today is my 42nd birthday. Life has been an entire rollercoaster with ups, downs and lot’s of stress. The main mark on my entire life lands today as I reflect on my past, redirecting my thoughts to the errors that I’ve made and focusing on the achievements during my youth and as an adult. It is amazing how time goes by fast. We are talking about 42 years on this planet. I’m actually happy because I get to spend this day with my wife. I might also spend time with my neighbors. This year we will not throw a party but will gather to mingle and just enjoy our company. Well, this challenge lands on my birthday. I know I have not posted much but life gets in the way. I will be back.

Thank You all for being a part of my journey.


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