Facebook Not Sharing WordPress Post

In many occasions Facebook has stopped posting any post from WordPress in the fan pages where they are supposed to appear. Many of my other blogs have been disconnected by WordPress. I am not sure why this happens because WordPress and Facebook do not notify me that there is a problem. I find out when I post, check my fan page for each blog. This is not good at all. Facebook and WordPress need to take care of this issue because I cannot continue to disconnect accounts, reconnect every time they decide to mess with my settings. I’ve been spending more time trying to fix this issue, then spending time writing. It is not convenient at all. This is time-consuming.


4 thoughts on “Facebook Not Sharing WordPress Post

    • I know my wife is having issues. I ran a reset of the connection between WordPress and Facebook. I have to post on my other blogs to see if it does post on Facebook. Policies are always changing but we never get those notifications.

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  1. Oh so there is a problem? See, I am new here. I was trying to connect my WordPress with FB but I kept getting a notif that said: “Cookies are not enabled on your browser.” I checked my Chrome setting and it was fine. Are you saying no way to connect with FB fanpage?

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