Day 10 – Halfway There

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 10

Good Morning my fellow bloggers, friends, Visitors!

It has been such a long 24 hours. I’ve been very busy lately trying to solve some issues. This week has gone by really fast. There are and will always be obstacles in the way, especially when you are trying to get something done. Today is another day, battling everything that comes my way. These are my daily updates on the 30 Day Blog Challenge. Hoping that I can WIN! Trying to beat my wife at a simple challenge is a challenge in its self. She is a fighter that never gives up, always ahead of me by a huge margin. Anyway, today will be a busy day indeed. I am still working on my YouTube channel. Feel free to like all my pages, which are on my side bar.

Thank You for visiting and being a huge support on my quest to WIN this challenge. I do appreciate all the support from around the world.


2 thoughts on “Day 10 – Halfway There

  1. You’re doing great, one day at a time…you’ll get there! I know what you mean about the battle and dealing with obstacles. Life happens, we try and do what we can with the time we have. I actually scheduled an article about time for tomorrow. When you get a chance, swing by my blog and check it out. I rushed to post it tonight, hardly had any time because I have a full-time job now. Blogging is work, but it’s a great challenge and a lot of fun to get to know other bloggers and the blogging community. ❤

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    • Thank you for your support. I do agree with you. Time is really not on my side. Life gets in the way but things that occur in life need attention. I am happy that you got a job. Especially when we are seeing a huge economical crisis worldwide. Blogging is fun, very challenging and it is a full time job, well for me it is. Supporing each other is crucial for both to succeed. Bloggers have a unique community, it is great to meet new people. Of course I will stop by your blog. We are blogger, friends from a far away but close via blogging. I will stop by shortly and check out your new post.


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