Blogging Has It’s Up and Downs 

Many bloggers find themselves in a corner, not knowing what to do next. Blogging is a great way to spread your thoughts about so many topics. Yet, technically speaking our jobs are a bit different because for many bloggers acquiring the skills to manipulate these complicated platforms is time consuming and confusing. 

Concerns arise about building a following, getting exposed throughout the internet. Of course driving traffic is important in order to maintain a decent flow for content. Do bloggers make mistakes? Yes, bloggers do make huge mistakes. I’m one who has done the opposite with my blog. These mistakes has caused a total freeze on my time. Consuming enough of my energy

We come to a road block when trying to build our way to success. The majority of bloggers are starting wrong by posting 💯 post, while their blog sits behind closed doors. Meaning they do not showcase the content at the moment. Many bloggers acquiring the top of the latter without effort in taking the steps during the process of learning will eventually fail.

Buying your way to the top is never recommended. Stats are a bloggers nightmare. In fact, paying attention to the stats will drive you into negative path. Blogging is not about stats, it’s about communication, learning, sharing and being a part of the community. 

Take this blog for example. It’s free, I do pay yearly for my domain. I have access to what is available at the moment. My sidebar is filled with the most important widgets. There is a great way to succeed, only if you put your mind to it.

I’m very committed to my blogs. I do not have a niche like everyone else. I blog about different topics. My stats are rising because of the open communication with my followers. I blog when time is available. We do have a life behind the blogging community. 

One thing that I have learned during this process is the importance of having patience with the whole aspect of blogging, especially with these constant changes involving the internet. 

Making the blog visible to the world is not easy but we also learn how to use certain words for our post tags. Tagging your content and photos is a must for bloggers. We all start from zero! 

Keep your chin up, stay positive, open up to the world. Progress depends on how you perfect the ability to be patient.


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