Back To The Drawing Board 

A few hours ago my wife received a message from Facebook that stated an alert concerning a photo of a logo for our sites, mind you that the drawings came from a FREE site to create logos. If it was free, then how come Facebook took it down, stating that the author claimed it as their own?

FREE does not really mean FREE! 

So we had to change everything concerning our icons and will be working extra hours on creating our unique logos from scratch with original photos taken from our 📷. 

I do hope that this does not happen again with our own photos. At this point in time, we are really frustrated with this situation. 

We will​ also be taken our own photos for upload here in our blogs. It is best to take or create your own photos from scratch. Avoid a headache and stress. 

Back to the drawing board! 


6 thoughts on “Back To The Drawing Board 

  1. Wow! I’ve always wondered about those logo sites. Someone else could have used a similar design and copyrighted it, and then filed a complaint against yours.

    If you need a professional logo done, let me know. It won’t be free, but it’s affordable, and the copyrights are all yours.

    Good luck!

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