Despite Our Current Economical Situation

We are counting the days in Puerto Rico. This is because we do not know where we will stand on this economic situation. At this time over 100 Public Schools will be closing. This is terrible to comprehend. I myself do not lose faith that things will get back to normal. My plans to open my own business is still 100% on the table. I am going to adjust as the day goes by. There is so much to get done here. It is very time-consuming when you are dealt with the wrong cards. With these business projects on stand still, I am forced to modify everything in my plans. Even my current Investment Group needs to be placed on hold at this moment. Keeping a close eye on the local news to see what happens and how we will be able to progress. At this time I only have this blog for a chance to receive some income. I’ve added the Buy Me A Coffee link for my PayPal to see if anyone has a good heart to help me out. There is a bridge that has a road block and I need to reopen that bridge so that I can succeed.

This situation in Puerto Rico can eventually land me and my wife in the streets. I’ve been avoiding this situation for the past few years. Struggling to make ends meet. I will tell you this, it’s not easy to live and work in a Country like Puerto Rico. But I keep going with a positive attitude and a smile. I’m not giving up that easy. I am a fighter like my wife.


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