Cellphone Blogging or Laptop Blogging – A Real Debate

What do you use to blog?

Well, I actually use both the laptop and cellphone for blogging. It is a personal choice because in both cases, I can still get the job done. Of course we have the pros and cons for both cellphone and laptop blogging. 

Cellphone Blogging 

Pros – The application gives you easy access to your dashboard. With a simple click, you can start creating content. 

Cons – The cellphone screen is small, uploading photos is not easy, you have to take various steps to complete your photos upload. The application is missing the view your content before you publish. We can’t see the final results of our content. Editing photos is very complex. Checking for grammar is missing.

Laptop For Blogging 

Pros – Easy access to your dashboard, screen is bigger. Uploading photos is more convenient, you do not have to go through so many steps to upload them. Viewing your final content is much easier with on click. Editing photos is convenient. Grammar check is available with a simple click.

We have have so many options as a blogger but the question remains. 

What is more professional for blogging a cellphone or laptop? 


4 thoughts on “Cellphone Blogging or Laptop Blogging – A Real Debate

  1. I think that depends on the type of device you’re using and your personal preference. For example I have three Android devices, a laptop and a desktop computer. The type of format for the post of the day will depend on which device will I use to create it. Good luck choosing!

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