New Categories Are A Priority

I’ve decided that it is time to expand my blogging into other areas of interest. I will be adding a few more categories because my fellow bloggers, visitors and friends need more interesting content. So I’m going to start expanding these important categories. Feel free to leave me a comment on what topics I should focus my categories on. There is an amazing list on my mind but I would like to hear from my readers first hand on this matter. These categories will be added today. Your feedback will be appreciated!

The current categories will be updated as well.


8 thoughts on “New Categories Are A Priority

  1. It’s good to know that you value the opinion of your readers; but on my personal view, I think it’s best to write contents based on what you would like to share to your readers…people with the same interests as you do will eventually find their way to your blog if you’ll keep posting quality contents. Just keep writing from your heart! 😊

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