I’m Here To Win This 30 Day Blog Challenge –

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 3

Two days have gone by and it has been a heated challenge with my wife. I need to dedicate myself today to all my friends, fellow bloggers and visitors. Blogging is not easy at all. We are committing to these challenges in order to boost our habits and blog stats. My goal is to create a chain of followers who are willing to boost their networks by joining mine. We need to get our blogs noticed in cyberspace. With your support we can accomplish this challenge. My wife is a blogger as well, we are running a close race to the finish line. Everyday we check our stats and I will tell you this, it’s a very tight race. The 30 Day blog challenge has continued on its third day. How many followers can I get during this 30 Day Blog Challenge? It is up to everyone if you would like to give me a hand by following, commenting and giving me a like on my post.

I would appreciate all of your support. My main concern right now is to win this challenge. I do follow back, like and comment.

Join me on this long journey. I am here to WIN!


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