A Total Road Block – An Emotional RollerCoaster

Suffering from a Mental Health Illness is not fun and games. People who are in this category of illness have lots stress in their lives. I will like to touch base with the Mental Health Services and how they affect patients lives. We cannot say that services do not exist, they actually do. Each person has its own experience with the medical services provided. Spending forty-five minutes per visit at your therapist is like spending a life time for many. Our experiences are different but we all suffer from the same symptoms of Mental Health. Nobody is alone in this medical abyss.

My experience has led me to realize that professional help sometimes is a longer journey because anxiety, depression does not have a cure, according to these professionals. We do spend almost a life time in therapy but never get to the point where a cure is even close. Our only solution is medication, which actually leads to more complications. In most cases these complications can lead to more depression, anxiety and in many other cases even suicide.

Mental Health Services are there just for the money

It is a business. They give you an appointment, prescribe medication to make your health worst, then they either diagnose you with something that might land you in a Mental Health Hospital, until they decide to let you FREE.

At this point anyone who is suffering a Mental Illness feels like they are always in a dead-end, nowhere to go. They feel like they have unwanted answers to their problems. Mental Health Services are a huge problem on top of the current health problems facing us on a daily basis. This is why our society is out of control.

We are just puppets to all Mental Health Professionals

Are we feeling the puppets wires on our backs? This is how may patients feel when attending a therapy session. Let us keep in mind that our societies situation depends on these professionals to keep us in a positive state of mind.

The Road Block

That’s it, we are done! There is a road block everywhere we turn. Not a good thing at all because we need answers now.

Medications are not the answer to these problems

Of course we get worst when taking medication for an invisible illness.

Is there a cure?

Yes; there is a cure..

Mental Health professionals need to help the right way. Finding a cure should be number one priority. Psychiatrists today need more specific training in order to combat the high rate of Mental Illness in our society. Studying how the mind works is awesome because we learn so many things that affect our daily lives. Psychiatry today is more complicated than ever. With society affected by so many illnesses it is impossible to find the correct answers to help someone. Every person is unique. They have their own issues at hand that causes so much pain in their lives.

We can go to a therapist but we cannot cure our minds! This is why it is wise to have positive connections on Social Networks. A cure is always present but you must connect with the right people in order to find your specific cure for your Mental Illness. Always remember that you are never suffering alone in this world full of distress and out of control society. We suffer together with these Mental Illnesses in place. Each of us has a different situation with one common issue and that is to find a cure for our Mental Health rollercoaster.

Our mission is to cure each other the right way by opening up our communication, speaking out about our problems. Do not let your current Mental Health issue stop you from opening up and spreading the information in order for you to find that cure.

Remember that you do not suffer alone!



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