Violence Is Never The Answer

Puerto Rico has gotten out of control. As I watched feeds on Facebook, I noticed two different groups. One group was forming a decent and calm march, while the other formed chaos in the streets, destroying properties, etc. There has been a total lost of common sense today. It is sad to see my island and it’s people go so far that the community we share gets destroyed.

Violence is never the answer…

The majority of the violence is committed by students of the UPR and their friends. When will we be a civilized society? The day is gone. Let’s see what occurs before midnight tonight as the moon rises.


2 thoughts on “Violence Is Never The Answer

  1. Hubieron pros como contras pero siempre los contras llaman mas la atencion. Que lastima! Hoy fue como sweet and sour feliz por que el pueblo una vez mas se unio, sour por que siempre hay uno que otro que no sabe ser civilizado y no sabe el proposito correcto o como hacerlo. Y a lo boricua uno que otro lucio pendejiando!

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