Puerto Rico Has A Voice

Today Puerto Rico is united for one cause. The local Government has been abusing its own powers by forcing laws that affect our communities daily living. Jobs are being lost, health is on a fine line, security is limited, education might be lost. There are so many issues here in Puerto Rico. The debt is too high and our politicians do not want to audit the debt. Residents are frustrated with the abuse caused by people who have been elected to give them a sense of Peace and security. The resignation of these corrupted politicians must be provided while the island is Marching in unity for their rights.

We do not live in a third world Country. Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States. We should not have our doors closed because of a few corrupted Politicians. Our people do not deserve to be treated unfairly.

At this time Puerto Rico has a voice, which needs to be heard by the entire world. We need the support of our friends in the United States and the world so that this voice can be heard. The current debt needs to be audited by law. The poor people always get audited, then how come the rich can’t? Millions of dollars are spent monthly on salaries that actually do not have merit. In a private company if an employee does not perform their jobs correctly, they lose their benefits or even their pay check.

Politicians receive too much money for a job that they do not perform correctly. They have access to laws that they make up in order to protect themselves and not the poor working class. This has to change. The job of a politician needs to change. This job should pay minimum wages, with the same laws that are in place. If the job is not performed correctly, they can be fired. The job should have a limit like any other job.

Anyone in the community should have a chance to apply for a Political position based on qualifications.

Let’s see if this March will affect the common sense on these politicians today. They need to start fixing the damage that they have caused by applying laws that hurt the community even more. We need people in Politics that will be there to help the poor and not benefit from their disgrace and suffering.

Puerto Rico needs your support for a better future!


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