Power Supply Gave Up

Just When Important Work Needs Update

Well, today has not been easy. First the bad weather forecast, it’s raining heavy here. On top of the bad weather, the computer power supply decided to give up. No, luckily the electricity has not been lost. So the power supply just came to it’s last life. 

Just lost electricity at 2:37pm.

It’s not my day at all. Wednesday May 31, 2017. This is not going to stop me at all. I need to get back to work. Lights are back on. It will be a long day indeed. 


WorldWide Connections Needs Improvement

We need to start building relationships among the world. I’m interested in learning more from my followers. Your culture, etc. Feel free to join my Facebook group via the blogs fan page, listed on the sidebar. We need to open up more. Let’s network within the group. I know that many bloggers are not into social media by which we can expand. I’m going to start doing something different for our WorldWide Connections via our group and fan page. Once you join the group, I will be posting updates via the Facebook page. 

Go ahead and join our group so that we can network. 

Committing To Yourself

Life is stressful, we get thrown into the pit of total chaos. Everything surrounding us is on a negative path. People are acting crazy or just out of control. Life is about enjoying your time with others, it’s about committing to yourself to produce happiness.

The Final Results Are In

30 Day Blog Challenge – Day 30

Good Morning


The final day of the 30 day blog challenge has arrived with the end results. My wife has won the challenge by a huge margin in Stats. I would like to thank her for accepting this challenge and congratulate her on her achievements. She has come very far with her blogging. I would also like to take this moment to thank everyone for stopping by, commenting, following and above all giving support throughout this challenge. Now that the challenge is over, it is time to get back to normal blogging.

Spending Quality Time With Neighbors 

Bingo Nights

It has become a tradition with my neighbors. Bingo nights almost every night. Today my wife played while I watched. It’s entertaining, we stay off the internet for a few hours and enjoy ourselves with the neighbors. She won, like always! 

Blog Post Ratings Are Activated

WordPress has a rating setting where readers can leave a rating on the particular post. I am not sure if it works with my current theme but I did activate it on my pages as well as per post. These features are interesting because it will give me exact details on how well my post is performing. It will guide me on future post. More positive gives me more to write about. Negative will show me where not to focus on content. I am going to give it a try to see how it works. Hopefully these new stats will improve my blogging habits. With your help, I should be able to test this feature.

Please be kind and no trolling!!

Bullies Are Hiding Behind Friendships

Bullies can be found everywhere. They are not only in Schools, they are people who are very close to you. It can be a person associated with you and your family. Someone who has brought trust. But within time this person can start insulting, verbally abusing you. We may not see it at first until the water in the pot boils over, causing a bigger argument and eventually a fist fight. In this case, the abuser is your best friend, hiding behind the friendship. This is a concern because it will become a situation which is depressive. Best friends and it turns out to be non-existent because they have other plans stored in their system of abuse. This is not fair at all. Friendships are meant to be with each other in good and bad times. Supporting each other in many ways. Keeping a close eye on everyone in your circle is very important, because when you least expect it. They will stab you in the back causing major infliction and pain. The suffering will last a very long time. The recovery process will be very long.

I am the kind of person who is open-minded but keeps an eye open when people get too close to me. In fact, I do not trust anybody. Information that I put on my blog is for the public to read. So in this case the trust is cleared. I know what to share and what not to share among the crowd. Friends are like spies, some enjoy the gossip, the push the button kinds. These people are the ones who come to you with a smile and the doors open, under fine suspicion, these people will never pass muster with me. Bullies cannot stay shut, they will keep going until the person they hurt get pushed to the limit. I do not stay shut to any bully. There are times when silence is the best option. Like cyber bullies, also known as TROLLS. In this case, it is the best option to keep silent. Fighting text with text is just a ridiculous thing to do. Bullies need their own medicine!

Never get upset or depressed over a bully or troll, cyber bully. It is not worth losing your mental stability over stupidity. Intelligence overrides a bullies intentions. Always stay a few steps ahead of the pack in order to be safe.