Power Supply Gave Up

Just When Important Work Needs Update

Well, today has not been easy. First the bad weather forecast, it’s raining heavy here. On top of the bad weather, the computer power supply decided to give up. No, luckily the electricity has not been lost. So the power supply just came to it’s last life. 

Just lost electricity at 2:37pm.

It’s not my day at all. Wednesday May 31, 2017. This is not going to stop me at all. I need to get back to work. Lights are back on. It will be a long day indeed. 


WorldWide Connections Needs Improvement

We need to start building relationships among the world. I’m interested in learning more from my followers. Your culture, etc. Feel free to join my Facebook group via the blogs fan page, listed on the sidebar. We need to open up more. Let’s network within the group. I know that many bloggers are not into social media by which we can expand. I’m going to start doing something different for our WorldWide Connections via our group and fan page. Once you join the group, I will be posting updates via the Facebook page. 

Go ahead and join our group so that we can network. 

Committing To Yourself

Life is stressful, we get thrown into the pit of total chaos. Everything surrounding us is on a negative path. People are acting crazy or just out of control. Life is about enjoying your time with others, it’s about committing to yourself to produce happiness.