Your Not Alone In This Battle

It is obvious that mental health has been ignored. People have been ignored. Mental Illness is not a joke. In matter of fact with all the current issues happening around us, depression, anxiety and many other symptoms of mental health hits us all. Your not alone in this battle. Nobody suffers this alone. Suicide is on the rise as well. Our society has been out of control, enough that people actually do not care about the feelings of others. This issue is a deep one because many people are in need of help but cannot find any at all. Sometimes it is best to write about your feeling and let others give you some important feedback. We have to find a common ground here. If your suffering from a Mental Illness, go ahead and comment here.. Be a part of the real solution. I am not a Psychologist but do understand how Mental Illness affects our daily lives.

Your not alone in this battle!

There is always a solution to fix a problem. Feel free to open up your communication here with me. Let’s start finding a cure for our personal Mental Health.


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