Posting Ten Post Daily Is Questionable 

How many times can we actually post daily? Can we post every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or hourly? 

Some people get bothered by receiving too many blog updates. Does it really matter? Boosting blog content has proven to boost the overall stats for the day. If you post more than five times a day, go ahead and check your stats. It is something that we as bloggers learn from everyday. 

Stats are very important when we blog. I’ve seen the ups and downs of these numbers. I will tell you this, I prefer to go by the WordPress stats than anything else. Of course I would like to upgrade my blog. This update will occur when my stats reach a higher level. I need over 10,000 followers in order for me to set up an upgrade. This way I am 100% Positive that blogging will and has been confirmed as my business. It’s not easy but I will get it done. 

With your support, my goals will be accomplished. 


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