30 Day Blog Challenge Accepted

The blog challenge is a great way to boost our Stats as well as our blogging habits. We will be working has hard as we can with bringing our readers content. There is no set rules because this is an open challenge. My wife and I look forward to this challenge. During this challenge my wife will be active here in this blog but will not be posting, the same thing goes with me. I will not be posting in her blog for 30 days. Due to the challenge, we have that one basic rule in place. Please feel free to follow my blog, like and comment.

Join us on another 30 day journey! 30 Day Blog Challenge (May 1st, 2017-May 30, 2017). Husband and Wife Challenge continues. 


One thought on “30 Day Blog Challenge Accepted

  1. Reblogged this on Vuelve a Empezar and commented:

    Hola mi gente bella, mi esposo me reto de nuevo para hacer un reto de 30 dias, el quieres que le gane de nuevo, y yo lo acepte con mucho gusto porque yo voy a mi. Necesito su apoyo que me me apoyen este reto que va hace muy intenso, y tambien va hacer muy divertido. Mi gente manana es el gran dia de los 30 dias reto. Espero que me apoyen abrazo!!


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