The Final Results Are InĀ 

Well, the competition is over. My wife won with 10,007 visitors. I’m very proud of her for reaching that goal. At this time I would like to thank everyone for supporting us in this important challenge. 

Thank You for your support! 


Let’s Grow Our Networks and Open The Doors To Opportunites

It would be an awesome idea if we all followed each other. When bloggers unite in a chain of blogs, we tend to have an advantage for information. We can learn from each other. So; why not follow each others blog! Our doors will be opened wide. I am ready to form a huge friendship with people around the world. Not only will we be able to share information on a wider scale, we will be able to get to know each others blog. We write for a reason and joining a chain of friendship is essential for a better future.

Go ahead and let us help each other grow. Follow my blog and I will follow yours. Our networks are important in times when the right information is needed.

Thank You for stopping by my blog


No End To Solving The Crisis In Puerto Rico

I’ve seen so much in these past few months. Puerto Rico is facing a major issue with its financial crisis. Are we seeing the last days of what is a normal job? This is getting out of control here. Even our local police department is facing major issues. There is no actual way to convince these politicians to change their agenda over the community. This weekend has been long because coming the first of May our communities will be on stand still, the protest continues.

The financial board does not want to hear anything from our people. The sad truth is that they came here to destroy Puerto Rico. Cutting benefits, lowering minimum wages, cutting on everything will put us all in a deeper hole. Their should be a focus on the communities needs. We do not need a bail out but our people can use a boost in personal assistance.

Protesting is a right but when violence is introduced, then these protest mean nothing because we are destroying our own communities even more, causing deeper damage to what we are facing. It comes to show that we have an obligation to start a new journey into our future. We need to create jobs. Coming up with new ideas. This is why I’ve decided to turn my blogging into a business. Puerto Rico is in need of outside assistance in order to break away from its crisis.

I do hope that we can work something out, so that I and my family can balance our own financial crisis.

We are all affected by these current events!