Finally Finished Editing My YouTube Introduction Video Clips

I can tell you this from experience. It is not easy to come up with an introduction clip. This is a few seconds of video, just to start the rest of the project. I am using the Power Director application on my cellphone. I am also taking videos on my cellphone, without any actual equipment involved. I’m using natural lighting and have modified the internal microphone by adding a piece of cardboard to the back of the cellphone. This will produce a much higher frequency when speaking into the phone from a small distance by vibrating the sound off the cardboard to the cellphone mic.

I bit of technical advancement but need it on a limited budget. Now that I have the final cut on the introduction clips, I will be working next on recording my VLog. This is a new adventure for me because it is my first time doing any video for YouTube. One of the greatest part of this new adventure is the learning process. I’ve learned so many things while blogging and having the actual plan for my videos. I am going to mix my YouTube with entertainment and much more, because I really do not want to mix my blog content with it. I know for a fact it will be boring for my readers to go to my channel and get disappointed by seeing videos based on my writing. I am being honest. In fact I do not like to copy anyone, I am original 100%.

Of course I learn from others in this area of the internet. So, now that I am set, things are moving towards producing videos now. Many Vloggers edit and upload daily but in my case I will be delaying that process because of the equipment that I currently have. Limited space on my cellphone and one application for editing. My cellphone screen is not that big either. This does not stop me from starting a new journey in video production. It’s time to Vlog on YouTube.

I am not giving up on my blog and my fellow bloggers, writing is my main hobby, which I am trying to turn into a business. Anyway here I am ready to rock and roll with YouTube. Please help me by Subscribing to my Channel Here.

Your support is always appreciated!!


Happy Friday My Fellow Bloggers, Friends, Visitors

Good morning

It’s Friday morning in Paradise. The weekend has arrived. It is time for a cup of coffee and some breakfast. I’m sure that today will be an awesome day. Being Original and productive citizens of our communities. By the way, we are going to be working on our YouTube videos this weekend. 

This will be a long weekend with more post updates and video project in hand. My wife and I are still running the competition of the 10,000 Visitors mark. She is beating ufff. 

Women are always ahead of the game. She always finds a way to beat me in everything. I love her so much. But this is a challenge well coordinated in advance by her. She loves to win. I will be back shortly after I get some energy, going to prepare some breakfast. 

I will be back. Thanks for visiting!