The World Is Under Serious Tension 

We have come to the point where our Governments are over controlling everything in our communities. There is no way to communicate with Politicians at all. They don’t want to hear a single person. Our self esteem has been lost. Everyone is acting in violent ways. Protest is on the rise worldwide. This isn’t​ something that our communities need. We need answers. 

When you mix anger, racism, power and lower your standards, wars can start at a blink of an eye. Instead of pointing out the real issues affecting our Communities, people want to start wars and cause more problems. 

Everyone has a huge ego problem. This world is full of hatred. As I write this post, men and women across the Globe are fighting along side of each other. Why? The real answer is right in front of us. 

Our communities are being destroyed by violence because of the corruption in the Government. Every Country has Politicians who are very slow. They are actually active in a Mental Health Crisis of their own. 

Despite many protest around the world. We the people do not exist. We the people have no voice. 

Take a look at all the lies our Communities face everyday by our Government. Military recruitment is based on a total scam. They offer education, awesome career and many benefits. Give me one Veteran who has all the promised benefits! 

Our Veterans are ignored, they go on tour, most pay the ultimate price. But none received a true heroes Welcome.

I come from a  Military family!

Wars can be avoided simply by listening to our communities voices. We vote and pay taxes. Our rights have to be given more respect. 

Tension Rises

We cannot keep living in fear because of the poor decisions of our Elected President, Government and all the Mentally Unstable Politicians. It is our right to protect our lives, personal belongings and our family from corruption across the globe. 

Put down your weapons

Putting down your weapons is a smart move in order to start the journey to worldwide Peace. We must help each other by coming up with solutions that affect our daily lives. The internet has proven to be effective if used properly. 

If there is a problem in your Community it can be controlled by simply forming a worldwide Peace Network. Let’s give it a try by reblogging this. This post is meant for everyone in order to rethink before they speak. Our voices must be heard.

The Constitution Of The United States was created for the protection of our rights.  


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