Having A Competition With My Wife 

Well, I’ve been trying to win this private competition with my wife. It has been quite a journey. She is also a blogger, who writes in Spanish. Our competition is based on how many blog visits we can receive. Our goal is 10 thousand visits. She is actually beating me with 500 Visitors to her blog. I’m very happy for her at this moment. In fact, I’m actually way behind 7 thousand + Visitors. 

I believe that she has won the race to 10 thousand visits. 

Thank You for visiting my blog!!


One thought on “Having A Competition With My Wife 

  1. Reblogged this on Vuelve a Empezar and commented:

    Bueno mi gente bella de mi blog necesito que me apoyen y que me visiten mas mi blog para subir mas las visitas de mi blog para llegar a los 500 visitas. Porque estoy en competencia con mi querido esposo me quiere ganar pero yo no lo voy dejar que me gane. Es un competencia que el me propuso a retarme y yo lo acepte mi gente apoyenme este competencia.. abrazo!!


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