Having A Competition With My Wife 

Well, I’ve been trying to win this private competition with my wife. It has been quite a journey. She is also a blogger, who writes in Spanish. Our competition is based on how many blog visits we can receive. Our goal is 10 thousand visits. She is actually beating me with 500 Visitors to her blog. I’m very happy for her at this moment. In fact, I’m actually way behind 7 thousand + Visitors. 

I believe that she has won the race to 10 thousand visits. 

Thank You for visiting my blog!!


Copy Paste Is Not Being Original

I’ve seen it before with my own eyes. People today are focused on other people too much. In everything‚Äč that we do people insist on doing something that is not original. Today everyone wants to copy and paste everything that happens. 

This brings us more problems because it’s like seeing our own reflexion in a mirror. Copy Paste is not original. 

Why can’t you be yourself? 

This issue has become quite bothersome because nobody wants to be themselves anymore. Nomatter where we are or what we do, people will copy and paste everything we do. 

If you do some research on the internet, you will notice how many words or titles are the same. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not quite what it should be because of the copy and paste situation. There is no competition at all here. 

Ranking system is not our best friend at all. I has a blogger rely more on my current following and comments for real data usage. This situation is not only here on the internet, we see it in real life as well. If a neighbor buys a pool, the other buys a bigger pool. 

Is it really an ego problem? 

Sometimes I feel like I’m going to start focusing on my own ego and start changing the way I run my life. We cannot allow people to judge us and copy Paste everything that we do in our lives. This is why I’m doing everything opposite from others. 

I don’t like to copy and paste anyone. I am original.