Let’s Clean Up Our Planet

Today is earth day. It is a day to reflect on our past because we are actually causing problems to our environment. Our health is at risk and so is our resources for food. Our oceans are being destroyed, Communities are filled with garbage. 

We need to form more groups within our Communities in order to start cleaning up our garbage. Planting trees also benefits our environment, we can have more accessible oxigen, cutting back on toxins that we currently breath. 

Let’s start building a community of responsible people. Let us take care of our planet.

Clean Up your Communities… 


Saturday Morning Insomnia 

Good Morning everyone.. 

It’s Saturday already. Time is going by too fast. It has been a long night for me. I’ve been updating my blog, making some important adjustments. I’ve been thinking about upgrading my blog plan. Right now I’m struggling with the Free account. I’m actually thinking of the Premium plan because I need to open up my doors to success. The Premium plan has more to offer at this point. The only way that I can upgrade is by having my Visitors donate to help me buy a coffee. Your donations will provide me with reorganizing my blog. This way I can bring more interesting articles that will be of interest to everyone. Any donation amount will be helpful via PayPal.