Errors Are Part Of Life

We are not perfect. In between life struggles, we tend to be rushing the clock. This causes us to continue committing errors. As Bloggers we need to learn how to control our clocks, slowing down a bit. Rushing does not get us far enough. 

Concentrating our efforts into the current post is essential for a better outcome. I myself have been very busy lately. This has become a daily routine. Blogging has slowed down a bit for me. 

When your thinking about so many things, life tends to throw these errors constantly. It’s time to start focusing on meditation more in order to clear my mind. 


512 Million Dollars In The Hole

University Of Puerto Rico is facing a unpredictable future. Students are protesting against the local Government in order to get the current Economical situation under control. The truth behind this crisis is not being told by our Political officials. Why is this debt so high? We cannot keep living our daily lives like this anymore. Our Politicians have a responsibility towards our communities. They need to give us detailed information over the funds that is due. 

Who actually signed the authorization for disbursement of funds for contracts? 

Who has access to these Federal funds? 

Where has these funds gone to? 

Why did the Government allow funds to disappear? 

Puerto Rico needs to know the truth about the constant abuse of spending within our Government