Technology Lost – Self Driving Vehicles

Everyone has read about the new technology that allows vehicles to self transport?

I’m actually amazed at how these billionaire businesses strive to waste money on stuff that will not improve our way of life. Technology has been used for the wrong reasons. Self driving vehicles are dangerous because the roads are not built for them and humans are not going to adopt a habit of avoiding a vehicle with no driver. 

Thief’s might also take advantage of this situation. Since nobody will be behind the wheel. In case of a medical emergency, this technology will not be able to save a life by transporting the sick passenger to a local hospital.

There are so many negatives with self driven vehicles. Society will become more lazy, combined with an increase in boredom and depression. 

This brings a whole new level for Mental Health Services. Technology is lost. 


6 thoughts on “Technology Lost – Self Driving Vehicles

  1. For better or worse self driving vehicles will be a large factor in our collective future. The concept will be sold on the idea of safety and I foresee a day when human operated vehicles will be banned from certain roadways. Given the sheer number of people who make their living driving vehicles, this has the potential to create unemployment in unprecedented numbers. Being a “gearhead” of long standing, I do not applaud this development but recognize that to some degree it is inevitable.

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      • You are correct, technological advances have reached a tipping point and are on the verge of becoming an all consuming monster.

        In a conversation with a group of recent college graduates I “learned” that the robot takeover of manufacturing jobs is actually a good thing because the people put out of work will be able to stay home and do “interesting and useful” things. The government will tax the manufacturers an amount equal to the “lost” wages and give that money to those put out of work by the robots.

        When this is the sort of thinking coming from our institutions of higher learning we have truly gone down the rabbit hole.

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        • Thank You. This is all true. We have to create new jobs with advanced technology. In fact, there will be a high demand for computer programmers and techs. We are not really losing jobs. Staying home will be a positive thing due to all the pressure involved when we travel. That rabbit hole still has a huge latter attached to it, we can climb out of that hole easy. We just need to adjust with changes.

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          • I greatly prefer your vision of the future to what I see around me. Here in this remote corner of Waller County, Texas, we are either retired, like myself, or low wage earners in the construction trade and we have a high number of immigrants, both legal and undocumented, working as day labor. Not too many tech savvy folks among this populace and most of their occupations susceptible to automation at some point in the near future.

            I don’t worry about the people who are able to embrace technology and use it to enhance their lives, I have concern for those who have neither the skill sets, adaptability nor inclination to join the “revolution” that is sweeping our workplaces.

            If I had answers I would find a not too tall mountain, climb to the top, sit cross legged and dispense wisdom. Unfortunately I lack that insight.

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