Twitter Follow Limits Reached


Twitter has become very active with spamming and following limits. In my case I have reached five thousand followers, people who I follow. I do have a rule which states, if you follow me, I will follow back. Twitter might be holding us accountable for that action. We actually do not know how many of these accounts are legit or not. There is no way to tell. So in fact we are placed in an odd situation where we end up following back without the proper tools to help identify false accounts. We are facing a huge set back with limits.

Twitter needs to provide us with a unfollow notification so that we can unfollow back as soon as they unfollow us.

Why Can’t I Follow People?

This question has been on my mind ever since I received the above notice. Twitter has given us an opportunity to scan all of the current followers so that we can have knowledge of who is actually following us and who has unfollowed us. The follow to following ratio is really off balance. Twitter needs to add some improvements in order for us to know who has unfollowed us. This will help us unfollow back, bringing the ratio to a 50/50 mark. This will improve the over all following stats.



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