Major Clean Up

It has been raining all day, despite the nasty weather, it was time to do some general cleaning. The apartment needs attention once a week. It is a habit to keep everything cleaned, organised but once a week it is spent doing some major moving. The furniture has to be moved in order to sweep and mop. This heavy-duty clean up can take an entire day. It is well worth it because dust is very bad for our health. I am very tired, it has been a mission since 6am. Paying attention to details is very important when doing a major clean up of your apartment. It is 4pm and I need to continue on my mission. I am almost done. Hoping to finish in the next 20 minutes.


Can You Buy Me A Coffee?Ā 

I’ve updated my blog with a PayPal button (Buy Me A Coffee). This Widget will allow my visitors to help me with a small donation, so that I can bring the best of my Thoughts and Views to the world wide web. My main focus is on my visitors and fellow bloggers, local community. 

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