Fakes News Is A Huge Problem – A Trolls Best Journey

There is a huge amount of fake news being spread. Nobody confirms before making a decision based on these reports. Fake news is a huge problem. Our society makes decisions based on what they hear and read. The internet is filled with trolls who enjoy spreading false information. Next time that you actually read something, make sure it is backed up by real convincing evidence. As a blogger, I make sure that all information is correct before I post my thoughts and views on the subject at hand. We are responsible for spreading the correct news about what actually occurs in our communities. Research must be done when reading everything online.

Fakes News Is A Huge Problem – A Trolls Best Journey


6 thoughts on “Fakes News Is A Huge Problem – A Trolls Best Journey

  1. The “trolls” are but the tip of the iceberg. Fake news is also being spread in order to inject propaganda into the news stream and to obfuscate where genuine concerns are being addressed. As you point out, this technique depends on people not checking the facts before sharing the articles. Several years ago I published a novel titled “MAXSEC,” about a future dystopic society in which the government controlled the MSM and real news could only be found in the tabloids, hidden among those “alien baby” types of stories. Life imitating art?

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      • We can be an effective part of the solution if we so choose. I work for a major daily newspaper, distribution, not journalism, and and we are witnessing the demise of that noble institution. Advertising is down because shoppers have begun to use the print ads as comparison points for online shopping and the advertisers are getting less bang for their buck. Subscriptions are down for several reasons but among them is that many people are tired of having political opinion buried throughout the paper as “hard news” in what should be unbiased reportage. Where once we had two or three daily papers in every major city we now have one and in many cases that sole survivor does not print and distribute paper copies seven days a week anymore. The end of an era,

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