Fakes News Is A Huge Problem – A Trolls Best Journey

There is a huge amount of fake news being spread. Nobody confirms before making a decision based on these reports. Fake news is a huge problem. Our society makes decisions based on what they hear and read. The internet is filled with trolls who enjoy spreading false information. Next time that you actually read something, make sure it is backed up by real convincing evidence. As a blogger, I make sure that all information is correct before I post my thoughts and views on the subject at hand. We are responsible for spreading the correct news about what actually occurs in our communities. Research must be done when reading everything online.

Fakes News Is A Huge Problem – A Trolls Best Journey


Peace Comes From Within UsĀ 

In order to find peace, we must insist on paying closer attention to ourselves. 

We live in a bubble of hatred all the time. It is obvious because we are constantly facing war among each other. Why do people insist of controlling other people? 

This has to stop already because this world is being destroyed by people who are Mentally Unstable. Peace must come from all of us. We are responsible for our own Country, our own Communities and our family.