The Majority Don’t Pay

It is sad to see first hand how people manipulate others when it comes down to money. Puerto Ricans enjoy having money but they spend it in odd ways. Many people want Services for free so that they can secure enough to spend somewhere else. 

We live in a deep financial distress because of these people. They always claim that they are broke in order to cheat and get their way. 

This type of behavior causes more damage than good. While they have money to spend on their own ego. The person who provides the services for free ends up on a negative financial roller coaster. Putting a deep financial situation in place. 

One person enjoys the money, while the other person goes into Depression. This happens alot here. This situation causes friendships to break apart. 

Sometimes we need to be strong enough to secure our own financial situation. This means charging for our services at the cost of friendship. 

We all have financial responsibilities. We also have the right to enjoy ourselves with the money Earned from providing a service. 


2 thoughts on “The Majority Don’t Pay

  1. There is a vast difference between “aiding” and “enabling.” We all need that helping hand from time to time but, as you point out, there are those who will abuse any system in order to make a personal gain, without effort and at a cost to others. A partial solution is to be generous with aid where there is need but also harsh with punishment when the system is misused.

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