Category Update – Local News 

We spend so much time reading negative news that it becomes boring at times. Our lives are constantly consumed by all the negativity. The majority of the people want to read positive news. Every news fan page, we can witness the comments left by people who want Positive news. 

Blogging has become a way for everyone to express themselves. But it’s quite a challenge because people write about themselves or their passion. Maybe it’s time for bloggers to add a news category to their widgets section. At this time I’m posting my views on what I read in the local news. 

I’m actually looking into transforming the news area into real news that I bump into and report positive news, not make comments on the usual news that we see everyday. I do not see coverage of stuff that does not hit the news networks or other blogs. 

It’s time to do some major research and start focusing on positive news. 

I know that my categories are a challenge but I’m trying to cover all of them little by little. 

What would you like to see more of in my blog? Your feedback​ will help me with reorganizing my blog content, this way I can concentrate on a specific area for awhile. 

I do want to start focusing on the news area but would like your feedback on this matter. I’m thinking of improving the existing category Puerto Rico because this is where I will be posting more news. 

News Reports from Thoughts and Views will be coming soon! Straight from a bloggers point of view. 


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