Your Loneliness Is Your Darkness

Many people attach loneliness to being anti-social because people tend to close themselves behind closed doors. Anyone who suffers from loneliness have been seen without friends or in social groups. The cause of loneliness comes from many personal problems and it all depends on each individual. When we become isolated from the world, we tend to stop everything we are doing. We actually end up losing focus on what reality is and why we are here.

A major issue because this can bring other problems as well, like the thought of suicide. Bullies take advantage of people who are isolated from others. People suffering from this common problem are afraid of rejection, so they end up not seeking help at all. Our most common problem is the lack of communication. There is no reason to be left out of any activity in our daily lives. Suffering from the inside is very bad. Negative thoughts fly through our minds when we are in closed doors by ourselves.

It does hurt when we are left alone, sometimes it is our own decision to stay away from society. We cannot keep going through life being lonely. All of our problems can be solved, even if it takes a few months. Creating a secret area where loneliness is your only option is wrong. I know that we all have FALSE friends, FALSE family members but remember one thing, we are all unique in many ways. We cannot let any problems in life lock us up in a dark room, where all we can hear is our sorrows and pains.

We need to open up ourselves to others who are willing to take time to hear what we have to say. Your loneliness must carry a light, so that you can control, see where you are going. We cannot see in the dark, so turn on the light.



2 thoughts on “Your Loneliness Is Your Darkness

  1. But what if it’s such a tremendous number of bullies in masks, cyber bullies and the like? I’m in that boat now. Have been since SEPTEMBER.

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