Puerto Rico Has No Economical Future

We are sadly seeing a huge change in our communities. Nobody actually helps each other here financially. It is hard to open a business without seeing a negative balance. My wife has been struggling to find clients here but nobody comes to her. She studied for five years straight with zero advancement with her goals to open her Beauty Salon.

Having health issues as well complicates everything because it puts a limit on what we can do. With no income, there is no future here. 

I’ve tried to bring investors by forming a group, nobody wants to invest. I’ve tried many things with no luck. My wife and I have to start making some important sacrifices in our daily lives. 

It has come to the point where we might have to split after so many years together. This is all due to the current Economical situation in Puerto Rico. 

We have experienced so much negativity here. In fact, I’ve been noticing that people actually do not want to do business with Puerto Rico at all. Not even a simple donation that can help us move forward. 

We are stuck with zero plans for the near future here. The only thing we have at this point is our blogs. It gives us a way to spread our current thoughts and Views. 

How can I open that door to trust? I need an income asap. This is all I have at the moment. I’ve opened a GoFundMe campaign but with no luck yet. I fear the worst coming to our communities and our Country. 

Please help!!! This is not a joke. When we as humans try everything in the book to keep going, to open our doors to the future, we end up in a roadblock. A roadblock with no exit. 

Puerto Rico is never going to change unless our doors to trust can be opened. 


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