Where Can A Blogger Find A Sponsor? 

It has been a long journey with my Blogging. But it has also been time consuming. In fact it has become a part time job. Do bloggers actually make money Blogging? 

I’ve been searching all over the internet for Information on monetization for my blog. The options are out of league. 

  1. AdSense
  2. Renting Space on my blog
  3. Providing a service
  4. Selling a product
  5. Affiliate program 

There has to be more opportunities. Due to the Economical situation, the best option would be to have Sponsorship on my blog. It brings in quick cash. It balances my books. 

In order for me to keep going with my blog, I need to expand my horizons. This means buying equipment. I’m looking to open my own studio at home. This will allow me to live stream anywhere at a given notice. Money does not come easy here at all. 

All the best options are taken. So with the current situation I can absolutely open my doors. For now I’m struggling to raise $10,000.00 so that I can purchase a video camera and some equipment from http://www.livestream.com, which will allow me to transmit live. 

Not only can I transmit live, I can boost my blog and self host. I need all my doors open. With a Sponsorship all this can become reality. As everyone is also aware, I’m trying to figure out my YouTube channel as well. With all the luck in the world. I’m hoping to land a legit and dedicated Sponsor who can help me expand my horizons.