Protesting Without Real Solutions A Communities Abyss

We can protest until our faces turn blue but without having real Solutions is a waste of time. The only way to communicate your rights or views is simple, have a solution in place before you commit to having a protest. 

It is better to come up with a solution to a problem than protesting. It is proven that protestors only make things worst. 

In my own honest opinion, protesting is a form of communication to induce violence among the group and Community. 

The Government should STOP this from even forming. This right should be banned and illegal. I’m a witness to how these groups act. They are not protesting quietly, they are breaking every law in the book. 

Violence seems to be the only way to get their message across these days. People have zero knowledge and experience with negotiations, so they hit the streets to destroy property, assault people and do what ever they desire while wasting Other people’s lives. 

Many people are at work, trying to make sure they bring food to the table. It is sad, the way our communities allow all this hatred and increase violence to even occur.

The majority of these protest are people who have police records dating back a few years. Nothing gets solved with having criminals running the show. Our communities need to wake up and ignore these protest that actually get nothing done. 

These people are just looking for 5 minutes of fame without having real Solutions in place. 


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