Where Can A Blogger Find A Sponsor? 

It has been a long journey with my Blogging. But it has also been time consuming. In fact it has become a part time job. Do bloggers actually make money Blogging? 

I’ve been searching all over the internet for Information on monetization for my blog. The options are out of league. 

  1. AdSense
  2. Renting Space on my blog
  3. Providing a service
  4. Selling a product
  5. Affiliate program 

There has to be more opportunities. Due to the Economical situation, the best option would be to have Sponsorship on my blog. It brings in quick cash. It balances my books. 

In order for me to keep going with my blog, I need to expand my horizons. This means buying equipment. I’m looking to open my own studio at home. This will allow me to live stream anywhere at a given notice. Money does not come easy here at all. 

All the best options are taken. So with the current situation I can absolutely open my doors. For now I’m struggling to raise $10,000.00 so that I can purchase a video camera and some equipment from http://www.livestream.com, which will allow me to transmit live. 

Not only can I transmit live, I can boost my blog and self host. I need all my doors open. With a Sponsorship all this can become reality. As everyone is also aware, I’m trying to figure out my YouTube channel as well. With all the luck in the world. I’m hoping to land a legit and dedicated Sponsor who can help me expand my horizons. 


4 thoughts on “Where Can A Blogger Find A Sponsor? 

  1. I wish you great success in your quest. This digital age has turned the art of monetizing our writing totally upside down. Before this era the mere act of being published, the truly difficult part of the process back then, pretty nearly assured that the financial rewards would follow. Now getting published is only a few key strokes away but turning words into cash has become the needle in the haystack. Just one quick word of advice in locating that sponsor, this from someone who spent his entire adult life selling one product or another. While the products varied across the board, one aspect remained constant, I never sold anything by telling the client what the sale would do for me, they just aren’t interested in enhancing the lifestyle of the salesman. Organize your pitch along the lines of what being your sponsor will do for that person contributing to your cause before offering it on the market. This approach has two benefits, first it helps to focus your thinking and secondly, this process will actually lead to identifying your sales prospect. Good luck.

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    • Thank you for your kind advice. It has been hard but I will take your advice into consideration. I do have to change my tactics, especially in this time of high tech world we live in. I’m trying to secure my options for a better future.

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      • I am always happy to help if I can. When selling cars one question we always asked of a prospective buyer was, “what do I have to do so that you can drive this car home today?” No matter what their answer we would reply, “I’ll see what I can do, let me talk to my manager.” Then we leave the room, go grab a coke and think about how to tailor a pitch to what the client just told us would be key to making the deal. In other words, learn what they want and then ask them how you can help them achieve it. If you understand their needs and then listen, the client will usually hand you the answer to what has to happen in order to make the sale.

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