Writers Block – A Bloggers Wall 

For many people writers block is a real problem. We can spend an entire hour or day just thinking. This causes a delay on post. There are many causes of writers block. In my experience as a blogger, the thinking process​ gets overloaded. 

We gather so much information in the process of writing that our brains actually stop receiving information. Just like a computer when the memory gets overloaded it stops functioning. 

How do we solve this problem? 

We obviously cannot do a cleanup of our system. So, we have only one option. Meditation

If we meditate for atleast an hour, there is a chance that we can actually cleanup unwanted Information stored in our biological memory. 

This helps restore some space for the correct information in order to keep writing. This memory freeze happens too often in our daily lives. 

Bloggers need to learn how to rest properly, learn how to accept responsibility for their memory freeze. Start focusing on your meditation and you will see a huge difference when you open up your blog to write. Training yourself to ease on stress and release brain tension will help you alot. 

Remember that our brains are like computers, we tend to stop working when our memories get overloaded. 


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