WordPress Media Library Space 3.0GB Upload Limits – Bloggers Need An Option To Delete From The Media Library

WordPress is an awesome platform to express our thoughts, opinions and communicate with people around the world. One of the main features is the Media Library, which is great to upload our photos, videos for our post. This feature is great but we cannot empty the library without losing the photos or videos that are active on our main post. WordPress should allow us to delete the library without losing any photos that are active on our blog post. This has been a real concern because personally I’ve used 1% of the media space. But what happens when we have used up 100% of our Media Library space?

It’s really a matter of time before we reach our limit. There are many ways that this can occur. Many bloggers enjoy helping other bloggers by re-blogging a post. That is a great thing to do but if you look in your media library, you will notice many photos listed that are not yours at all. This is another concern because of limited space. In this post, I am talking about our Media Library Limits, which can be reached without any notice. I have limited posting photos because of the limit but would appreciate it if WordPress can change this library where we can start a clean up without losing our photos in our main post.

Blogging is a necessity for many people. The Media Library is our door to post visuals of what we blog about. Letting us delete the library will help us secure more space for more photos that can be copied to our main post. We want to delete the photos in the library but do not want to lose the photos in our main post.



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