When Will People Learn? 

UPR in Puerto Rico is having major problems. It seems that even the most educated and intelligent mindset cannot fix these issues affecting everyone. 

Sacrifices have to be made in order for a better outcome on the current situation. We cannot keep protesting over something so simple. There are real solutions to all the problems facing our education system. 

I will bet that the majority of these students protesting do not have any real plans for their future. In fact they attend class, just to waste tax payers money. None of these people actually have opened any businesses after graduation. 

These protest are a waste of time. These teachers and students can actually take this time wasted and learn something new. In fact our education system should not be stopped because of any Political debate. Education is a valuable resource in our lives.

We need to keep our School doors open and education on a roll nomatter what is happening within our Government and our communities. 


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