Hard Cover Books – The Real Learning Experience Has Been Lost


Times have changed since 1991-1994, when I was in High School. I remember when the teacher gave us an assignment for an essay. We had to go to the School library or local community library in order to find information. Back then we did not have full access to the world-wide web, like we have today. Work was ten times harder because not only did we have to read a book, we had to write everything in a number 2 pencil. Mistakes can be erased. Today with all the technology, there is a much faster way of finding information, just write what you’re looking for and in one second you have enough information to investigate for your current essay.  Learning was a real process back then, only if children today knew how hard it was to really have education, the real sacrifices we made, just to write a 500 word essay. Times have changed!!


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